How Medical Assistants Can Increase Their Salary

The global recession is causing quite a lot of people to have a hard look at
their career prospects and to wonder what steps they should take to avoid
losing out. The health care industry is no exception and in particular many a medical assistant is looking at ways to increase their salary.

One of the best ways to get a pay rise is to boost your experience and qualifications by taking a course or program that will provide you with new skills to offer to your employer. For example if you are well experienced as a certified medical assistant you could consider taking a course leading to a degree or diploma in nursing allowing you to apply for a position offering a higher salary range. If you are new to the job then adding to your educational achievements will always be of benefit with your existing employer and also make you more attractive to potential new employers.

Fortunately, there are many outlets for the skills of a CMA. Hospitals,
health care centers, private and community clinics are expanding as the
population increases resulting in more positions becoming available. And the work they do is vital to the smooth running of their workplace as they
interact with patients both face-to-face and on the phone as well as looking
after their clinical needs when they visit the center. As the scope of the
job is very varied salary levels will be set based upon the specific duties
and responsibilities carried out as well as the employer’s location.

Generall speaking certified medical assistants will earn less than Physician
assistants.  So, this is a good job for CMA’s to train for as a way to
increase their salary. It’s not absolutely necessary to become certified, but
studying for and taking the exam will give you the opportunity to apply for
more jobs having a higher salary range.

It also shows your potential new employer that you have a good attitude to study and that you are committed in the long term to the job as a personal career in health care. Obtaining a degree or diploma from an accredited medical assistant school will certainly help you to quickly rise up the salary scale. Gaining on-the-job practical experience and seeking to
specialize into a particular field will also improve your career

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